Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Belgian Malinois dogs are excellent family dogs. They get lively with other animals as well as children. Of course, they would prefer to be the only ones in their dog pack, which is why many people ask if are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs, so as to know and see if they will live peacefully together with others.

Belgian Malinois are usually good with other dogs when they get basic obedience training and socialization. They have naturally friendly personalities, so they do well with multiple pets, such as cats, chickens, and family dogs. 

This dog is known for being good with family pets and other animals. They are calm, quiet, and loyal dogs with a gentle disposition. A well-trained Belgian Malinois is an extremely reliable family pet and makes an excellent guard dog.

However, they have a strong prey drive and need to be trained. They may not make the best companion if they do not receive enough human affection as they pull on their leashes and dig in their mouths, leading to injury or damage to household items. 

A Belgian Malinois is an intelligent and courageous dog, often used by professionals such as police, military, and security personnel. They were originally bred to compete in the working KNPV at the start of the 20th century, but they soon became popular as police dogs due to their unmatched trustworthiness.

Can a Belgian malinois be a family dog?

A Belgian Malinois is an ultimate family dog. This breed not only has an amazing and athletic build, but its instincts make them awesome guardians and hunters. With plenty of exercise and training, you can teach a Belgian Malinois to do everything they were meant to do as a family companion.

The Belgians were originally used as guard dogs by horses and carriages. They are large, hard-working dogs who do well in many environments and make excellent family companions. They are also intelligent and friendly but need lots of training to be obedient and well-mannered.

Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

The Belgian Malinois loves to play with other dogs. They do not just ignore your dog or choose an uncomfortable position once they get there, but rather will engage in mutual play. They love to wrestle and roughhouse with other dogs, so if you have a large yard or can exercise them, it would be best for you to get involved.

Malinois puppies are playful, curious, and love being around people. If you let them play with other dogs, you mustn’t let them greet your person as they will attempt to play. It’s best to keep them off the other dogs until they are older, especially under five years.

Are Belgian Malinois good companions?

These dogs will make great good companions. They are intelligent, obedient, and energetic. However, they are very devoted to their families, which means once a collar is on them, they will stick with the family throughout their lives.

They are curious, enthusiastic, and loyal dogs who like to be part of a family. They have an incredible ability to learn new behaviors and respond to training very quickly. Their energy levels are similar to that of a large Saint Bernard but without the size and weight issues.

Will Belgian Malinois hurt other dogs?

Belgian Malinois is a very friendly and playful dog with an excellent temperament. They can behave badly and hurt other dogs if they are not properly trained and socialized.

When you take your dog out for daily walks or short jogs, since this dog has a high prey drive, keep it on a leash when in public because they are most likely to kill their kind.

Do Malinois get along with other Malinois?

Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Malinois are very social dogs and enjoy the company of other Malinois. They are extremely devoted and protective partners and will bond strongly with their owners to be close by all the time.

They are not very well known as bully breeds; their reputation calls for their nonaggression and friendliness. 

However, the Malinois breed is very strong; their size does not necessarily mean they can be aggressive. It depends on the breeding, training, and proper environment you give your dog

Why you should not get a Belgian Malinois?

They are intelligent, loyal, and very protective of their family. However, they may be too big to be used as a pet and could easily injure others due to their strength. They can also get wound up in small spaces, making them hard to contain when you need to move them.

The Belgian Malinois is a very high-energy dog that needs lots of stimulation and exercise. This can be challenging for some owners who may find it hard to find the time to run their dogs.

These breeds are very particular about how much space, stimulation, and to exercise they require. They also have a laborious schedule, which is why you should not get a Belgian Malinois if you do not have the time to properly care for it or if you have other dogs at home.

Can Belgian Malinois live with small dogs?

Belgian Malinois is a very loving breed that loves to play with small dogs and puppies. However, we do not recommend having them around young pups. They can be protective of their territory and try to dominate the other dog, but they are naturally gentle and inquisitive. 

They are large, powerful dogs. Males are often 110 pounds, and females weigh 80 – 90 pounds. They can be exceptionally aggressive with other dogs and may injure them.

Also, it is an excellent dog for apartment life. This breed is not a candidate for being left alone with small pets because they are so focused on their prey and may fail to notice a child or small dog in its path.

So, Belgian Malinois can not live with small dogs because it can be aggressive toward smaller animals. Adopting a high-energy dog like the Belgian Malinois can lead to serious injuries.

 Are Malinois good with strangers?

Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Malinois are naturally curious dogs that love to explore new things. Most Malinois enjoys meeting new people and getting acquainted with them, but they are not necessarily given to being friendly with strangers. 

They are known to be a friendly and playful breed, but they are not recommended as a pet for strangers. Malinois do not generally get along with other animals and can be aggressive toward them.

Do Belgian Malinois get jealous?

They are not jealous dogs, even though they are very socially aware and can easily determine who is a threat to their family. They do not want to physically or emotionally harm other members of their family. 

They also know that one of their jobs is to act as a “guard dog” and keep intruders away. They will bark at someone walking too close to your house, but it’s more likely that they will just bark at them (and then back off) than bite them.

They can show jealous behavior when another animal or person threatens the object of their affection, so he may do something that seems jealous, like barking or growling.

Are Malinois loyal?

Malinois are loyal, protective, and very dependable dogs. They will respect their master regardless of gender or age. Their nature makes them fiercely protective of those they love and their family. 

They are one of the most loyal breeds, and this makes them excellent family dogs. They protect their territory with a strong bark and will guard your property.

They are loving companions that instinctively know how to care for their owners. They’re like a security blanket for their owners; they will defend them in any way they can. 

Are Malinois the smartest dog?

Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs?

Many breeds have been proven to be smarter than others. Some are more adept at certain tasks, while others are cuter. One of the most intelligent dogs is a Belgian Malinois, a descendant of the French fighting dog once used in WWI. So what makes this breed so exceptional?

This is one of the smartest dogs in the world. They are often used in the military and law enforcement to perform extremely smart tasks. Of all the world’s breeds and types of dogs, Malinois is the absolute smartest. 

Despite their size, they have a brain that is more closely related to that of human beings. They learn quickly and can adapt to any environment.

Are Belgian Malinois good with cats?

The Belgian Malinois is a popular dog breed in the United States and is an excellent watchdog and guard dog. The Belgian Malinois may not do well with other pets if they are not raised or trained, so strictly monitor your dog’s interaction with cats.

They are very friendly dogs, but they do make excellent guard dogs. They are known for hunting larger prey, which puts them at the top of the pack regarding dog aggression against cats. Their large size also makes them more likely to be a threat to small pets like kittens and bird cages.

Are Belgian Malinois good for first time owners?

They are high-energy dog that needs regular exercise and stimulation. He is loyal and protective of his family and will require an owner who can be confident with high-energy dogs like this. 

These dogs need experienced handlers to train them properly, as well as a secure fence or fenced yard to keep them safe when they are not being supervised. 

Belgian Malinois are astoundingly intelligent and fearless dogs. They have the energy, drive, and stamina to be a fine companion in all walks of life. However, they are not suitable for inexperienced dog owners.

It is a very sturdy, hard-working dog that makes an ideal family companion. They are incredibly intelligent and trainable, but because of their herding instinct, they can tend to be stubborn with new owners. 

Should I get a Malinois or a German Shepherd?


You’re dreaming about owning a dog and have heard so much about Malinois, but you can’t decide which is better. Both are great dogs, so how do you choose? 

A German Shepherd is more famous and more popular with people who train them, but they may be harder to find. Malinois come in short and tall sizes, but they’re bigger than the German Shepherds we encounter here in the U.S., so we’ll mainly focus on the latter.

They are two very large dogs with incredible personalities and would be great companions. The German Shepherd is a gentle and loyal dog, but the Malinois may be more assertive at times. 

If you want a dog that’s not afraid to stand up for itself, then the Malinois is definitely for you. Either way, both types of dogs are extremely intelligent and will train very quickly if treated properly. 


Belgian Malinois are calm and quiet dogs. They like to be around people and are extremely devoted to their owner, but they can be okay with other pets if they are raised with them from pup hood.

They make the best watchdogs and will alert anyone nearby that a stranger may be entering or leaving the property. They are also a very popular breed, and they make great pets. 

No matter your dog type, you can teach your Belgian Malinois to be an excellent companion and protector. Hope we’ve been able to answer the question are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs to your satisfaction? Thanks for your time!