Greyhound German shepherd Mix – Facts & Breed Information

If you’re looking for a loyal, loving companion and maybe even a little bit of a workout partner look no further than this Greyhound German Shepherd Mix. This happy-go-lucky pup is a friendly and affectionate creature who loves to play with other animals and people. He’s got a great temperament and loves being around his family and friends.

The Greyhound German shepherd mix is a crossbreed between a German Shepherd and a Greyhound. Although they are both large breeds of dog, the result of this crossbreeding is also a big dog. We referred to this crossbreed as a “Shephound” earlier, but they are also sometimes known as Greyhound Shepherds.

This unique and special dog has been bred in Germany for centuries. It is considered an excellent hunting dog; its character makes it a perfect companion for families. The German Shepherd Mix is calm, obedient, and intelligent, so that it can be trained easily by an experienced owner or trainer.

Greyhound German Shepherd Mix

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is a large dog crossbred between a German Shepherd and a Greyhound. They are both large breeds of dog, so as you would expect, the result of this crossbreeding is also a big dog. 

Earlier, we referred to this crossbreed as a ‘Shephound,’ but they are also sometimes known as Greyhound Shepherds.

The Greyhound German Shepherd Mix is often mistaken for a purebred German Shepherd because both dogs share similar traits and physical characteristics. The most apparent difference between these two breeds is their size.

 The average weight for an adult Greyhound German Shepherd Mix will be between 60-70 pounds, whereas the average weight for a purebred German Shepherd can range from 55-85 pounds. However, there are some exceptions to these averages; some Greyhound German Shepherd Mixtures weigh considerably more than their purebred counterparts (upwards of 100 pounds).

Is German shepherd whippet mix good?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

The German shepherd whippet mix is a crossbreed of a German shepherd and a whippet, which makes it a unique dog. It’s also an incredibly loyal pet to its family and will protect them from any threat. While this breed has some health issues, they are relatively minor compared to other dogs.

The German shepherd whippet mix can weigh up to 30 pounds, which is more than most other breeds of dogs. This means that you need to be extra careful with your pet to ensure they don’t become too large for their own good.

The German shepherd whippet mix is known as an intelligent breed that can learn tricks quickly and perform them without much effort on your part. This makes them ideal pets for people who want to teach their pets tricks or otherwise engage with them mentally while they’re at home alone or during the day while you’re at work.

Is Italian greyhound German shepherd mix good?

Italian greyhound German shepherd mix is a great dog. They are a mix of two very different dogs, meaning they have many of the characteristics of both breeds. They have the energy and drive of a Greyhound but also an intelligence and sense of humor that is very German Shepherd-like. 

This makes them highly trainable and easily taught. They tend to be independent thinkers, but are also very loyal and loving companions. They make great family pets because they love being around people but don’t require much attention from their owners. 

They are also quiet dogs that don’t bark much or create much noise in general perfect for those who live in apartments or tiny homes without many windows available for them to bark through.

Italian greyhound German shepherd mixes are great for those who want a brilliant dog that doesn’t require too much physical exercise or mental stimulation for its day-to-day life (though they do enjoy some playtime)

What is a German shepherd cross Greyhound?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

A German shepherd cross Greyhound is a popular breed of dog, much like the German shepherd. The German shepherd cross Greyhound is a mixture of two different species: the German shepherd and the Greyhound. 

These dogs have been bred for many years to be able to hunt, track, and retrieve objects. This crossbreed is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. They are also very intelligent, brave, energetic and loyal to their owners.

The term “German shepherd cross Greyhound” can be used interchangeably with the term “Greyhound,” though the latter is often used to refer specifically to a dog that has been bred from German shepherds and other breeds of dogs.

Are Italian Greyhounds one person dogs?

Italian Greyhounds are not necessarily one-person dogs, but they are known for being very affectionate and loyal to their owners. 

They are generally friendly and playful with everyone, but they tend to form a special bond with their primary caretaker. Like all dogs, Italian Greyhounds benefit from early socialization and training to help them adapt to new people and situations.

 Italian Greyhounds are loving and devoted companions who can form strong bonds with their owners and other family members.

What is the rarest color of Italian Greyhound?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

Italian Greyhounds come in a wide variety of colors, including black, blue, cream, fawn, red, and white. Some of the rarest colors for Italian Greyhounds are chocolate and lavender.

 However, it is essential to note that the rarity of color in a dog breed is often subjective and can vary depending on who you ask. Ultimately, the most important thing is choosing a healthy and well-bred dog, regardless of color.

Will an Italian Greyhound protect you?

Italian Greyhounds are generally not bred for protection. They are a small breed of dog typically known for their gentle and affectionate nature.

In addition, they may bark to alert you to potential dangers; they are not likely to be able to defend you in a physical confrontation. It’s important to remember that no dog is guaranteed to protect you, and it’s not fair to expect any breed to put itself in harm’s way for your sake. 

It is always best to seek out a trained protection dog if you are looking for a pet that can provide you with some level of security. 

Greyhound x German shepherd

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

A greyhound-German shepherd mix, also known as a “Shollie,” is a crossbreed between a greyhound and a German shepherd. This mixed-breed dog can inherit characteristics from both parent breeds so that it can vary in appearance and personality. 

Greyhounds are known for their slender build and athletic abilities, while German shepherds are known for their intelligence and loyalty. A Shollie may have a combination of these traits, but it’s impossible to predict precisely how a mixed-breed dog will turn out.

Is Brindle greyhound German shepherd mix good?

A Brindle greyhound German shepherd mix is an excellent choice for those looking for a dog that can be both a companion and a guard dog.

Brindle greyhound German shepherd mix has an energetic personality, but it also has an extremely gentle nature. It’s affectionate towards its owners and family members and is not afraid to tell people what it thinks of them.

Furthermore, the Brindle greyhound German shepherd mix is independent but loves being around people. It makes the best of being both your pack’s leader and follower.

This dog will be loyal to you and your family, making it an excellent guard dog choice. The energy level of this breed means that you’ll have to work hard to keep him busy when you’re home alone, but he’ll happily spend time with his family instead of getting into trouble or making any trouble.

What is German shepherd greyhound mix price?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

The German shepherd/greyhound mix can be a lot of fun to have around, but they’re also high-maintenance. That’s because they have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercises.

The price of a German shepherd greyhound mix depends on various factors, including the size and health of the dog. German shepherd greyhound mix prices vary from $2,500 to $5,000.

Can greyhound German shepherd mix black?

Greyhound German shepherd mixes, like all mixed breed dogs, can come in various colors, including black. Greyhounds are typically solid-colored dogs, with standard colors including black, fawn, red, and blue. 

German Shepherds are also solid-colored dogs, with standard colors including black, tan, and red. When a Greyhound is mixed with a German shepherd, the resulting offspring could inherit any color traits from either parent

So, a Greyhound German shepherd mix can be black though this is rare.

Why was the German shepherd originally breed?

The German shepherd was initially bred for herding and guarding sheep. They were developed in Germany in the 19th century from a mix of local herding and farm dogs.

 Their intelligence and trainability made them well-suited for this work, and they quickly became popular among farmers and shepherds. 

Over time, German shepherds have also been used for various purposes, including search and rescue, police and military work, and companion animals.

Does German shepherd shed a lot?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

German shepherds do shed a lot. They have a double coat, which means they have a thick, insulating undercoat and a longer, coarser topcoat. This coat is designed to help protect the dog from the elements, but it also means that German shepherds shed a lot of furs. 

The amount of shedding will vary depending on the individual dog and its environment, but generally, you can expect a German shepherd to shed quite a bit.

 To minimize shedding and keep your dog’s coat looking healthy, it’s essential to brush them regularly. This will help remove loose hair from their coats and prevent matting and tangling. Additionally, providing your German shepherd with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise can help reduce shedding.

Is shepherd greyhound mix puppy bark a lot?

Shepherd greyhound mix puppies will bark a lot. They’re curious, and they want to explore their surroundings. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep them from becoming bored, so giving them plenty of room to run around in the yard is essential.

However, if you’re home during the day, consider letting them out early or late at night so they can exercise before settling down.

Shepherd greyhound mix puppies are also prone to separation anxiety, which means they’ll start crying when left alone or when they think you’ve gone somewhere without them.

 If you have other pets or kids in your house, be prepared to deal with this behavior regularly or find a new place for your puppy to hang out while you’re not home.

What is the rarest shepherd breed?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

The rarest shepherd breed is the Tibetan Mastiff. Tibetan Mastiffs are a large breed of dog with a long, muscular physique and an imposing appearance. 

Their coat is usually black, tan, or brown, and they have a broad head with a deep stop. They are also known for their thick fur covering their body from head to tail.

They have been used as guard dogs in Tibet since ancient times, and they have been selectively bred to be large and robust. They were first brought to the West in the late 19th century by the British explorer George Bogle who bought them from Tibetans who had taken them during the raids of Genghis Khan.

In modern times, several rare breeds are classified as “herding” dogs because of their instinctual tendency to work with livestock or other farm animals. These include Australian shepherds, New Zealand shepherds, Border Collies, and Australian Shepherds (which include Malinois).

Are Greyhound dogs intelligent?

Greyhound dogs are intelligent. They are known for their speed and agility but are also smart and can be trained to do various tasks.

Greyhounds have been used for hunting, herding, and guarding for centuries. Like all dogs, Greyhounds are individuals and can vary in intelligence and trainability. Still, they are generally intelligent and can learn new things quickly with proper training and socialization.

What is the rarest color for a Greyhound?

Greyhound German shepherd Mix

The rarest color for a Greyhound is a relatively common one: black. Greyhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs and were originally used as hunting dogs

Their coats come in many colors, but black is the most common. There are some exceptions; for example, white-coated Greyhounds have been found. But for the most part, all these dogs would be considered “black.”

However, there are also some pretty unusual colors for greyhounds out there! Some rarer shades include blue, cream, and fawn. Although these colors are less common than black or white, they can still make for a unique look if you find the right dog.



This article concludes that the Greyhound German shepherd Mix is a loyal and loving dog that can train to do just about anything. They are great with children but should not be trusted around small animals because they can get aggressive if they feel threatened. 

The Greyhound German shepherd Mix is effortless to train and has a lot of energy, so they need lots of exercises and mental stimulation. They are brilliant dogs and enjoy learning new tricks. The German shepherd mix can make a great family pet, especially if you have children who like dogs.