Signs that a male dog wants to mate – All you need to know

Male dogs, called studs, are generally easier to breed than females and can be bred as early as 6 months. Unlike humans, dogs’ testicles will drop independently with no intervention. However, this is not always an accurate sign that a male dog wants to mate.

If you’re looking to breed your male dog, it’s important to know when he’s ready. Like humans, dogs are more successful hunters when they work together. Female dogs in heat pick up on the scent of male dogs, which alerts them to a potential mate. From there, body language and behavior come into play.

Furthermore, mature male dogs around mature females will express interest in mating. It’s up to you to decide if you allow your dog to mate and manage the ongoing process. These are signs that male dogs display when they wish to mate.

  • Early signs of spotting and mounting indicate that the male is fertile.
  • When a male dog is in heat, it exhibits behavioral changes aimed at attracting females, and often there’s no better way for them to do this than to urinate on everything.
  • The best way to determine if a male dog wants to mate with a female is by waiting until the female is in heat. Many female dogs become restless, whine or bark when they come into heat. This restlessness increases as the time for ovulation approaches. Male dogs in the vicinity will pick up on these signs and know that a female is ready to mate, ideally hitting the “estrus” period or that window of time when you can breed them.
  • A good way to tell is the “roosting” behavior. He will try to mount the female, who will turn around and snap at him until ready. This may go on for several minutes, with a lot of barking, squealing and growling involved. Dogs are eager to mate, and some breeds are ready to reproduce as early as 6 months old. You may be able to tell if a male dog wants to mate by behavioral signs such as increased urination and marking his territory.

Also, it is important to note that if your dog is showing signs of being in heat, it can be very hard to keep control of him. Understandably, both owners and their dogs will be frustrated.

Signs that a male dog wants to mate

My male dog doesn’t know how to mate

Dog mating can be a complicated process. Although most dogs are capable of mating, some may not know how to mate right away. For some dogs, mating can be uncomfortable, and they may find their behavior inhibited by anxiousness.

Many factors play into this, including emotions and surroundings during the mating process, so it is important to understand the mating process before you attempt to mate your dog with another.

Also, if the male dog is underage, he may not yet have matured sufficiently to know how to mate. Often, when this is the case, they will mount the female but not perform.

Furthermore, make sure your dog has a healthy diet & exercise level, is well rested the night before breeding, and is over 18 months old before breeding. Doing these things can help make their mating experience an easy one.

Male dog fertility age

Male dogs are usually ready to mate within a year of their birth, but some are ready at only 6 months of age.

The breed can also affect their readiness to mate. Larger breeds tend to mature later and won’t be ready for mating until about 16-18 months. Smaller dogs may be ready as early as 7 months old.

Usually, the average time for a dog to reach breeding maturity is about 1 year of age, in which case the male is fully capable of mating but cannot produce healthy puppies.

Relief for sexually frustrated male dog 

Male dogs do experience sexual frustration. A male dog that wants to mate is constantly on the lookout, sniffing at every post, humping things and people. If your dog is sexually frustrated, you can relieve him by:

  1. Keeping him active. A sexually frustrated dog always has energy and is in high spirits; the best thing to do is keep him active by engaging him in activities like going for a long walk, playing fetch,, and scent games. As you know, after a good playtime is a long sleep time.
  2. You can also separate him from female dogs. The smell of a female dog on hit triggers the mating instincts of male dogs, which can lead to them being restless and difficult to manage. So, if you have dogs of both genders and the female is on heat, separate the both of them for the period of the estrus cycle. You can do this by putting them in different rooms, kennels or crates.
  3. Use some command words as you’ve taught him. Humping and mounting are dogs’ instincts. Every time your dog humps, you can tell him to “stop” or “sit” and reward him when he listens.
  4. You can also keep your house and environment clean from female urine. When a female dog is on heat, she does the “urine marking,” If a male dog smells this, it triggers his mating instinct, which might make him start exhibiting the traits of a sexually frustrated dog, especially when you are not ready to mate him.

However, if there are no females nearby and you do not intend to keep them as breeding stock, you should have your male dog neutered.

Male dog behavior when female is in heat

When a female dog is in heat, the male dog’s behavior can become very intense. Male dogs will do everything they can to get the female, and if they are not neutered, they will most likely exhibit aggression.

The male dog will watch the female closely or even follow her around. He may also exhibit a change in behavior, such as acting annoyed and restless. They will urinate more frequently and take long walks around the neighborhood.

In addition, a male dog will try to catch up with the female dog by running and jumping on everything. Then he begins to bark and mount every close object. He may try to also escape from where he’s kept and search for the female dog.

Signs that a male dog wants to mate

How long are dogs in heat?

Female dogs generally enter heat twice per year. The reproductive cycle can be anywhere from 3-14 days, depending on the dog.

Most female dogs experience their first estrus (heat) between 6 and 24 months old. During this time, she is fertile and receptive to male dogs. This is her first stage of heat, called the proestrus stage.

In addition, the female vulva swells, and her body releases fluids. As she approaches ovulation, her oestrus period begins. This usually lasts 7 to 11 days, with an average of 9 days.

How long after neutering dog is testosterone gone?

Neutering is the surgical procedure to remove an animal’s reproductive organs (testes or ovaries), thus rendering it unable to reproduce. The testes produce testosterone and sperm. After neutering, a male can no longer father puppies. However, he can still exhibit male behaviors such as marking, mounting, and roaming.

The recovery time for neutering is two weeks. After this time, any hormones will ha e been eliminated from their system. After the recovery period, the dog’s behavior should be more docile.

Neutering your dog often has several health benefits for male dogs. The exact effects will depend on the age at which you had the procedure performed, but neutering your male dog can help prevent aggressive behavior and significantly reduce his risk of developing certain health conditions. Neutered dogs tend to live longer than unneutered dogs, and they tend to have better behaved as well.

Dog heat cycle blood color

The color of dog heat cycle blood varies. It can be red, pink or brown. The color of the dog heat cycle can be very noticeable, appearing as a stain on your dog’s bedding or your carpet.

The amount of bloody discharge during a dog heat cycle will also vary between dogs, depending on their health and stage of reproduction. You can expect your dog to bleed for up to 2 weeks during this time.

Also, during the first part of the heat cycle, the blood tends to remain in and around the genitals.

Do male dogs go into heat?

Male dogs do not go into heat. Male dogs generally remain fertile throughout the year. Therefore, they cannot mate during any specific time of the year, unlike the female dogs that go on heat twice a year.

In addition, once a male dog finishes growing, he will have a supply of sperm ready to go at all times, and he’ll be able to breed as long as he’s healthy. And as long as there are females in heat around, male dogs are likely to be interested in mating. A male dog reacts promptly to the sexual pheromones in heat.

Can a dog get pregnant when not in heat?

 Dog cannot get pregnant when not in heat. She can only get pregnant when in heat. As soon as dogs have their first estrus, they are fertile, and it is only while in estrus.

Although some dog owners have a hard time keeping track of their dog is fertile because it can vary in some dog breeds.

Signs that a male dog wants to mate

Why do dogs get stuck when they mate?

If you are new to dog breeding, you’ll probably be surprised to see your dog get stuck to his/her mating partner. But, there’s nothing to be worried about. It is one of the mating processes. It is the final step in the mating process, and it is an important step.

When this happens, the male dog’s penis is swollen and can’t pull out until the swelling reduces. When dogs get stuck together during mating, it usually takes a few minutes for them to untie, but in some cases, this can take up to an hour. It is also said that this “knotting” pushes the semen forward and keeps it inside the female; this way, the semen reaches the egg.

Can dogs get sexually attracted to humans?

Dogs can’t get sexually attracted to their humans because they aren’t meant to. Certain hormones are released in dogs that are not found in humans and vice versa. This, along with dogs’ different reproductive systems, negates any chance of sexual attraction.

Dogs can get attracted to humans but not sexually. It isn’t unusual for dogs to show their attraction towards humans either because they see them as pack leaders or simply because they have been raised around humans and see them as part of the pack.

What to expect from a female dog after mating?

After an initial period of excitement that accompanies any new experience, your dog’s behavior will likely return to normal. Your dog will show no symptoms of pregnancy for the first two weeks. Once your female has been bred, you should familiarize yourself with the signs that she is gestating.

Gestation varies by dog breed but lasts approximately 9 weeks. Toward the end of her pregnancy, your bitch may lose her appetite and become increasingly anxious. She will seek out a quiet location to whelp (give birth) and will do so without assistance. Expect your female to deliver 6–10 puppies in 4–6 hours.

Why do female dogs cry when mating?

The act of mating leads to dogs experiencing a massive influx of hormones and may leave them feeling fearful and anxious by the end of it. This fear can lead to the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Which in turn makes them cry while mating. This is normal if other symptoms such as stress, pain, and discomfort are not present.

The cry is usually low-pitched and sounds like a cross between a yelp and a howl. The noise is caused by the female dog’s reaction to the physical pain or discomfort of mating. This painful and fearful reaction from the female dog may occur at any time after the mating stage starts until it is complete.

Also, female dogs may cry out because their partner is bigger than them, has rough claws and paws, and receives a lot of painful bites. It is also possible that your male dog is doing something wrong and hurting her during the process of mating.

Why does male dog lick other male dog’s privates?

Dogs lick each other for many reasons, but licking male dogs’ private parts and not their faces, legs, or paws is mainly about communication. Male dog urine contains pheromones that are an important part of the pack communication system. It’s a good way to introduce themselves and exchange information like “I’m an alpha dog” or “stay away from me.”

In addition, Dogs lick one another as part of their natural behavior. It is the same thing as dogs running up to other dogs and sniffing their bum. It is a way of acquiring information about the dog they are sniffing.

Dogs greet each other by touching noses, having a little sniff, and sometimes licking one another. Licking around the face, head, and neck is a sign of affection and social bonding.

Also, it’s something that dogs do to maintain status in a group and to show other dogs they aren’t interested in breeding. These behaviors can be controlled with training and knowing what cues to look for, like excitement or discomfort.

How long do dogs stay stuck?

Generally, dogs are stuck together for 20-40 minutes, but it can last as short as 5 minutes. The male dog will bite the female dog’s back and hold her around the neck or waist to keep them together while they mate, moving their hips backward and forward.

 Also, while most mating can last between 15 to 45 minutes, some dogs are hard to pry apart once they get going.

What are the symptoms of a male dog in heat?

As explained earlier, male dogs do not go into heat, and they are always fertile throughout the year. But if they catch a scent of a female dog in heat, here are some of the symptoms and signs they show when they are ready to mate:

  • Tries to mate with whatever female he can find.
  • Stalks and mounts female dogs in an attempt to mate.
  • Humps toys, legs, or other objects, including you!
  • Intense interest in other dogs in heat.
  • Increased testosterone levels (trying out his male dog moves).

What do male dogs do when they want to mate?

Typically, when a female dog is in heat, she’ll signal that she’s ready to mate by urinating more frequently, and this scent attracts nearby males. Male dogs may stop eating and show other signs of obsessive behavior, including pacing and increased vocalizations when they smell a female dog in heat.

The male dogs will usually try to mount the female and, even if unsuccessful, will circle her until the female agrees to mount him. Males have also been known to fight over a female dog in heat. If fighting does occur, the owners need to separate the dogs for their safety.

Do male dogs cry when they want to mate?

Male dogs do not cry when they want to mate. However, many male dog courtship displays include standing, sniffing, chasing, and copulation solicitation. These behaviors are often mistaken for crying. The term “dog crying” when describing these behaviors is a misnomer.

In addition, male dogs do howl and make other sounds that express emotion. Male dogs may cry or sometimes whine to get attention, especially when a female dog is nearby. You might also see this behavior in a dog who wants something (like food or water) but isn’t allowed access to it.

How do you control a male dog in heat?

Male dogs cannot be in heat, be they intact or neutered, but they react hormonally to the presence of females who are or have recently been in heat. The most effective way to control the behavior of an intact male dog is through neutering.

In addition, if you plan to own a male dog with an unaltered female dog, keep the two dogs separate. Male dogs will do anything to get together with a female in heat.

Also, you can use a dog diaper for male dogs during their heat, but we don’t recommend it. It doesn’t allow the dog to release pheromones that help attract a mate, and it usually leaks, requiring you to change it pretty often.

Instead, put him in a small room where he cannot escape and when you go outside with him, keep him on a shorter leash than usual. This will lessen the chances of him escaping while he is in season.

Signs that a male dog wants to mate

How many days can a male dog be in heat?

Some people often wonder how long a male dog is in the heat. Male dogs don’t go into heat as females do. For a female dog to become pregnant, she must be in heat and mating with a male.

Also, male dogs can be fertile around the clock, while female dogs in heat require a fertile male and have only a few fertile days. Male dogs can start breeding at six months of age. Some females can even become pregnant before their first heat cycle is complete.

Do male dogs bleed when in heat?

Typically, male dogs do not experience a heat cycle. Female dogs will go into heat and may bleed from their vagina. On the other hand, Males can experience a discharge when in the ‘mood.’

The female’s heat cycle is more noticeable to owners due to the bleeding that occurs. The male dogs may urinate more often, become irritable, and display characteristics of a fertile dog ready to mate.



Male dogs can be difficult to tell when they are looking to mate, and they often will take on new behaviors similar to when they were younger. Get familiar with your dog’s normal behaviors and routine, so you can recognize any changes that show the signs that a male dog wants to mate.

Also, depending on your dog’s breed and circumstances, these signs range from very subtle to noticeably distinct and obvious. In addition, the best time to breed a dog is during the female’s heat cycle.

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