Why do dogs like socks? All that you need to know

Dogs have different ways of showing love. Some dogs show love by following their owners around; some show love by being close to you, and this includes being obsessed with things that have your scents on them. So, have you ever wondered why do dogs like socks or why dogs like to chew on socks or shoes?

It could be your dog’s peculiar way of showing how much he loves you, or it could also be any of these two possible reasons: First, the socks may taste good in your dog’s mind. Many socks and shoes are made from natural fibers, such as wool and leather, which may smell tasty.

Dogs can also develop a chewing habit that you reinforce without realizing it. Any time you give your dog attention after he chews one of your items, even just to yell at him, he may take it as a positive reaction. That’s why he comes running with your favorite slippers the next time you get upset.

Also, some dogs are simply opportunistic chewers — they get bored, find something interesting to play with, and go wild.  And puppies will often seek out something to chew on to help alleviate that pain caused by teething.

Why is my dog obsessed with socks?

Why do dogs like socks

The answer to your dog’s obsession with socks or mittens lies in the fact that they smell like you, which is why they make great dog toys. To your dog, socks offer a sense of security and comfort. They are soft and cozy, and your dog just loves to chew them!

It isn’t uncommon whether you think your dog’s sock obsession is cute or creepy.  Some dogs eat their stolen socks, but most just seem to enjoy carrying them around. They love to sleep with them, and they feel safe with their newly found best friend -that smells like their owner -by their side.

Is it OK for dogs to chew socks?

Although your dog may feel the need to chew, and that’s a natural canine behavior, it’s not always ideal for the things around your home, especially your socks. Dogs like chewing on socks because they are soft and familiar, but that doesn’t make it OK.

Socks become unsafe once they are soiled or worn because they carry germs, and the threads can become strings. Your dog will probably have a better time with a squeaky toy or a dog sock that doesn’t suck!

It can also be a serious threat to your dog’s dental health, especially since some socks (especially faded, over washed ones) may have loose fibres. These small threads lodge in the dog’s mouth or throat and are swallowed, and they can block the digestive tract.

Why do dogs like socks

Why does my dog eat my underwear?

Dogs are known for doing many weird things, including eating what they are not supposed to eat. They eat edible things and non-edible things like toys, socks, and underwear.

This underwear-eating behavior is considered gross and embarrassing to dog owners. If you’ve caught your dog eating your underwear before, you are not alone. This behavior is not uncommon.

Your dog eats your underwear because they are scent-oriented, and your underwear has your intimate scent that draws your dog to it. You should consider getting a laundry basket or a drawer for your dirty underwear instead of littering it around.

In addition, your dog eats your underwear because he is bored. Just like children, dogs do things that get them in trouble. Your underwear, which has your concentrated scent, is something for them to play with when you are not around, and it is a way for your dog to feel close to you.

Why does my dog nibble on blankets?

Dogs chew on blankets for various reasons, and most of them aren’t destructive. If your dog has just started chewing on your favorite blanket, there’s a chance they’re teething. Aside from helping your dog feel better, chewing can be mentally stimulating and help alleviate boredom.

Also, your dog probably nibbles on blankets because many pups are drawn to the texture of a soft blanket. The constant motion they can create by using their paws to shove a blanket around provides an amazing outlet for extra energy.

Nibbling on blankets may also serve as an outlet for excess energy. Take note of what is happening when your dog chews at his blanket, and if you notice he’s doing it when he’s anxious, try giving him a chew treat instead.

Why do dogs like socks

Why does my dog chew on blankets?

Chewing is a natural canine behavior. When dogs chew, it can be for a variety of reasons. It turns out dogs do use blanket chewing to relieve anxiety and stress. Some dogs also have strong instincts to chew and need something to satisfy their cravings.

Also, your dog loves the warmth and softness of a blanket, and like you, he likes to be comfortable. If your dog has chewed on your blankets, he is just trying to create her cozy spot.

My dog swallowed a sock – what to do?

Dogs know what to eat and what not to eat, but we all know some naughty dogs that would eat objects they aren’t supposed to. If this is your dog and he swallows a sock, you need to take fast actions before it leads to a blockage.

The first thing you should do is to be calm. Do not panic! Panicking can make you do things you shouldn’t and might make things worse for your dog.

Once you’re calm, call your veterinary doctor. Do not attempt to make your dog regurgitate unless your doctor instructs you to do so. You will need to give the vet the correct information about the dog to decide the next steps.

The best thing to do is to take your dog to the vet’s; this way, the vet, would do the necessary examination and make a diagnosis.

Depending on the time of ingestion, the doctor can induce vomiting in the dog to see if he can get the sock out, but if that isn’t successful, your dog might need to undergo surgery.

It is very important to note that you shouldn’t make the dog vomit the sock without medical help. This can worsen the condition. Also, prevention, they say, is better than cure.

Try as much as possible to stop the sock-eating habit in your dog and other objects that can cause harm.

Are sock toys safe for dogs?

Sock toys are safe for dogs, but only if they’re the right kind of sock. Socks made specifically for dogs are excellent toys and safe they’re stronger than they sound and can stand up to serious chewers.

Though many pet parents may be tempted to turn old, unmatched socks into toys for thriftiness’ sake, this isn’t a great idea. The reason is that dogs with sock toys like to try and get them off.

When your dog bites into the middle of a standard sock, his teeth can get through the material and get stuck inside it as he tries to pull it off. In this case, he might even swallow strands of fabric as he pulls on his toy, and these strands can be hazardous to his digestive system.

Why do dogs like socks

Should I buy my dog sock toys for dogs?

That depends. In general, dogs like soft toys to play with, but if your dog is a heavy chewer, then you may want to buy dog bone toys for dogs instead.

The only way to know if you should buy a sock toy for sure is to supervise your dog during playtime, especially if your dog is a chewer.

Introduce any new toy with caution. Socks can be a suffocation hazard if your pup likes to chew on things he shouldn’t. Once you’ve determined that the sock is safe for your dog then, it’s all fun.

How to stop my dog from chewing socks?

Dogs that are not trained tend to do things they aren’t supposed to do. Although trained dogs also sometimes misbehave, it’s up to dog owners to decide how to stop behaviors like chewing socks. Here are some tips on how to stop your dog from chewing socks.

The first thing you need to do is to hide your socks. Make sure that your socks are out of sight and reach. This can be quite difficult, especially in a house with kids, but you should explain to them and let them know the harm the littering socks can cause t your dog.

Also, train your basic dog commands like “drop it,” “stop it.” When you use these commands, your dog knows that it should drop what he’s playing with. If you don’t train your dog, he won’t know what he’s not supposed to play with.

Is sock chewing a bad thing for dogs?

Dogs will chew. It’s what they do. However, it’s important to know that socks are not recommended for dogs as one of the first toys you give them to play with. Why? Regular socks can cause digestive problems and even bowel obstructions in dogs.

Also, if your dog is still teething, socks can be a great way to help relieve that discomfort. If it’s a habit or compulsion for your dog, then you must try to determine why she’s chewing.

Why do dogs like socks

Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

Dogs love squeaky toys because they make noise. The sound of the squeaker activates a dog’s prey drive, and this makes the toy more exciting to play with. Squeaking also provides much-needed mental stimulation to help keep dogs healthy and happy.

It’s simply a canine-language word for play, which is why you’ll notice that most dogs attack their squeaky toys as if they’re trying to kill them.

You might assume that your dog is just trying to rip the squeaker out, but it’s more likely that they’re playing with their “kill” and thinking they need to protect it by guarding.

Dogs have also been proven to respond positively (i.e., try harder) when rewarded with a toy that produces more noise than those that are silent or are not associated with playtime. A squeaky toy can provide many physical and mental health benefits for dogs, including exercise and stress relief.

Why do dogs shake their toys?

There are several theories about this, but none have been proven. Some think that shaking the toy collapses the animal’s scent glands so that the dog can leave its mark.

Others believe that it’s a primal reaction, howling when a wolf shakes its prey -by shaking the toy from side to side, dogs engage in instinctive behaviors such as territorial defense, prey stalking, and submission displays, as well as simply having fun.

Why do dogs like socks

Why do dogs bring you toys?

Having your dog bring you toys is a very common behavior in dogs, regardless of breed. Dogs do this for different reasons. Your dog can bring you toys because he wants you to play with him.

When a dog brings you a toy, it’s not because he thinks that you have simply run out of things to do. He doesn’t do it to get on your good side, either.

Rather, he invites you to join him in a game of play. Dogs love games and thrive when they’re immersed in entertaining activities – which include playing with you.

They do it to show affection. The toys are convenient rewards for the care you have provided them, and both of you can delight in playing together.



Being a dog owner means being your dog’s playmate and being the victim of your dog’s sock-chewing habit, especially when your dog isn’t trained to not chew inedible objects. This makes you wonder if it’s normal for your dog to chew your socks, and why do dogs like socks?

Well, you are not alone. Dogs like socks and chew them because they smell like you, and your dog loves you. So, you can also show them love by sacrificing your socks (or not).

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