Dog licking base of tail – Symptoms, causes and treatment

Dog licking base of tail

The base of the tail is one of the most accessible parts of your dog’s body to aim at. As a result, it often gets licked as part of a grooming routine. Whenever you see your dog licking base of tail, it is in response to an itch. And while they can scratch an itch with their hind legs, sometimes they just can’t quite reach the spot that needs scratching. So, they resort to what feels good and works well; licking.

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Why does my dog lay on me? A sign of affection or not?

Why does my dog lay on me

How does your dog sleep? Does he sleep curled up? Does he lay on you? Well, the way your dog sleeps says a lot about how he feels. My dog lies on my chest before he sleeps and at first, I find it strange until i found  an answer to the question “why does my dog lay on me?” If you are wondering why your dog does the same thing to you, I have answers to your question.

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How fast can a Belgian Malinois run? Facts you need to know.

how fast can a belgian malinois run

Belgian Malinois dogs are large, medium-sized working dogs that were originally bred to be all-purpose farm dogs –to herd, guard and protect, but today they are often used as police dogs, service dogs and guard dogs. They are intelligent, brave and alert and make great companions for active families. They are known to be one of the fastest dogs in the world. But, how fast can a Belgian malinois run?

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